Procrastination and Nginx

Procrastination and Nginx

With not long until I leave for my Trip to South America, naturally I’m finding ways to procrastinate sorting out the last few tedious things.

I decided it was time that I published some of my Nginx config snippets and maintenance scripts. You can find these at The idea with these is to end up with simple per-site configuration where you just include all the conf files for each feature. This allows you to make a global SSL cipher change very easily and not have to change it in 10 million different files.

I have also included scripts to update my configuration including my SSL ciphers from Cloudflare’s Github and a list of Cloudflare’s Ranges (for use with CF’s CDN service) . This allows me to update my configuration and deprecate ciphers very simply without manual intervention.

I hope you check it out, and if you find any issues or have feature requests please let me know.

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